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Acronyms at AACC


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HR - Human Resources
HUM - Humanities Building
ICOX - Isaac Cox House
ID - Instructional Design
ILP - Individual Learning Plan
IPD - Institutional Professional Development
IPEDS - Integrated Post Educational Data System
IRESL - Integrated Reading and English as a Second Language
IS - Information Services
ISC - Instructional Support Center
JOHN - Johnson Building
JRDC - Jennifer Road Detention Center
LAA - Leadership Anne Arundel
LAAP - Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnership Grant
LAWG - Lab Administrators Workgroup
LIBR - Library
LLL - Lifelong Learning
LOA - Learning Outcomes Assessment
LRM - Learning Resources Management
LRT - Learning Response Team
LSS - Learner Support Services
LWIS - Literacy Works Information System
LT - Learning Technologies
LWOP - Leave Without Pay
MACC - Maryland Association of Community Colleges
MAACCE - Maryland Association for Adult, Community and Continuing Education
MAS - Therapeutic Massage
MCCCCEO - Maryland Council of Community College CEOs
MCCACET - Maryland Community College Association for Continuing Education & Training
MCCRG - Maryland Community College Research Group
MHEC - Maryland Higher Education Commission
MPTC - Maryland Police Training Commission
MSDE - Maryland State Department of Education
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet
MSRS - Maryland State Retirement System
NCCET - National Council for Continuing Education and Training
NFPA - National Fire Prevention Association
NGTP - Northrop Grumman Training Project
NSA - National Security Agency
NUR - Nursing
ORCC - Ordnance Road Correctional Center
OTT - Occupational Training Team