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Benefits of Attending AACC

Attending AACC has many benefits and our students recognize them right away. At AACC, you get:

A+ Education that Fits Your Schedule and at Half the Cost

Quality Education

AACC is a fully accredited, public, two-year institution offering extensive lifelong learning opportunities; credit programs leading to an associate degree, certificate, or letter of recognition; and a college experience that is a true value. With highly qualified and dedicated instructors, progressive technology, online student services, convenient schedules, a full menu of campus resources, scholarships, service learning opportunities, and much more, AACC is quality education at its best.


AACC offers the opportunity to complete the first two years of college for less than half the cost of attending a four-year university or college. An Anne Arundel County resident attending AACC full-time could spend $2700 annually in tuition and fees, while students at 4-year public colleges could spend about $7000 or more a year. You still get a great education, but without the high costs and burden of heavy student loans. In addition, AACC was ranked the 13th lowest in tuition costs and total fees among all 16 community colleges in Maryland (FY2005). Choose AACC and you (and your parents) will be thankful later on!


AACC offers classes at many locations, including its main campus in Arnold, its sites at Arundel Mills and Glen Burnie, and at centers and schools around the county. In addition, there are many convenient ways to take classes, including in the comfort of your own home!

Small Class Sizes

At AACC, you are far from being just a number. The faculty and staff value the students and each student’s success is everyone’s first priority. With a student to teacher ratio of 17-1, students receive personalized attention and real hands-on experience, which both greatly enhance learning. Students can create lasting friendships and become part of a community that supports their goals, feeds their dreams, and celebrates their accomplishments. There is no “back of the classroom;” everyone is in front, noticed, welcomed, and respected.

Variety of Programs

Chances are that if you want to learn it, we teach it! AACC offers associate degrees, certificates, letters of recognition, and the opportunity to enrich your knowledge and skills in a variety of areas. If you want to earn your GED or associate’s degree, learn English as a Second Language, develop additional job skills, take courses for fun and personal enrichment, have the opportunity to meet new people and travel, or become a lifelong learner, you can at AACC! From art and business to health and hospitality, there is a program for everyone.

Chance to Discover

Choosing a major or a career is probably one of the hardest and important decisions people have to make. For some, their passion in life is known from day one and remains constant. For others, the answer never seems clear. AACC offers the chance for you to discover opportunities, careers, and dreams at a fraction of the cost. Because AACC offers so many different programs at low-cost, you can have the freedom to experiment until you find your true calling. Once you discover what is best for you, you will be better equipped to make a decision about what college to transfer to, what certificate to earn, or what type of job to get. AACC allows you to discover and decide, something not as easy to do at four-year schools.

Something for Everyone and Any Age

AACC offers the traditional associate degree programs in subjects like accounting, history, sociology, health, and computer science, but we also offer courses for seniors, programs for youth, ways for high school students to earn credits, a child development center, and flexible and convenient programming for adult learners. Ages 3 to 100+ can experience learning that fits their lives.

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