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AACC Student Success 2020 Strategic Plan

Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) has always embraced strategic planning as the means to fully realizing our mission and vision. The Student Success 2020 Strategic Plan is guided by four key principles: committed leadership, use of evidence to improve programs and services, broad engagement and systemic institutional improvement. The four principles of strategic planning were adopted from the Field Guide for Improving Student Success, September 2009, Achieving the Dream, Inc.

Student Success 2020

Student Success 2020 as AACC's Strategic Plan

Strategic Issue 1: Access

1.1    Ensure in planning and review that developing and existing program offerings, delivery formats and scheduling locations best serve community needs.
1.2    Enhance enrollment by implementing measures to identify and serve new and currently un-served student populations.
1.3    With student focus as a continuing principle of operation, assure that recruitment, enrollment and retention processes and procedures are free of impediments to students’ success.

Strategic Issue 2: Success

2.1     Promote and support effective teaching and learning to ensure a culture of academic excellence to enhance student success.
2.2    Develop pathways to assist students in the identification, progression and completion of personal, academic and career goals.
2.3    Increase course success rates with specific attention to gateway and developmental courses.
2.4    Implement initiatives and programs to increase the success and completion of all students, especially low-performing students, students of color, part-time students and students enrolled in online courses.
2.5    Through collaborative means, develop initiatives and programs to directly connect student support services with classroom instruction.
2.6    Promote diversity, equity and cultural responsiveness to support student success and completion.

Strategic Issue 3: Resources

3.1    Secure traditional and non-traditional resources that support Student Success 2020.
3.2    Allocate resources to Student Success 2020 initiatives that are scalable and efficiently deployed.
3.3    Acknowledge and utilize strengths of the existing workforce and enhance development, support, recruitment and retention of a diverse and competent workforce.
3.4    Provide a variety of professional enrichment programs to strengthen the workforce.
3.5    Strengthen sustainability throughout the college.