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AACC Student Success 2020 Strategic Plan

Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) has always embraced strategic planning as the means to fully realizing our mission and vision. The Student Success 2020 Strategic Plan is guided by four key principles: committed leadership, use of evidence to improve programs and services, broad engagement and systemic institutional improvement. The four principles of strategic planning were adopted from the Field Guide for Improving Student Success, September 2009, Achieving the Dream, Inc.

Student Success 2020

Student Success 2020 as AACC's Strategic Plan

Strategic Issue 1: Access

Enhance access for all populations

1.1 Expand and sustain academic, professional and workforce development opportunities in an appropriate range of delivery formats and in the locations necessary for learners to successfully achieve their goals.
1.2 Strategically penetrate middle and high schools to maximize the number of students coming to AACC.
1.3 Increase access for underserved populations.

Strategic Issue 2: Success

Optimizing student success for all students

2.1 Develop processes to identify, track and support student progress toward educational goals.
2.2 Engage the college community in review of current operations to identify barriers to student success, and develop and implement intervention activities to help more students be more successful.
2.3 Create and nurture an environment where everyone is committed to and sees his/her role in helping all students be successful.
2.4 Increase course success rates with attention to gateway and developmental courses.
2.5 Increase administrative Infrastructure to support Student Success.

Strategic Issue 3: Resources

Maximizing internal and external resources

3.1 Secure alternate sources of revenue for college’s operating and capital needs.
3.2 Secure private gifts and federal, state, foundation and corporate funding that supports Student Success initiatives.
3.3 Maximize existing resources to effectively achieve Student Success 2020.
3.4 Develop, support, recruit and retain a competent and diverse workforce.

Download AACC's Strategic Plan PDF