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Associate of Science Degree in Aging Studies

For students who wish to pursue aging studies beyond the certificate level and obtain a degree in the field, the A.S. degree includes coursework to meet Maryland state requirements for associate degrees and fieldwork opportunities to gain experience in the field. Graduates can transfer to four-year institutions to further their education in areas such as gerontology, social work, counseling and various health programs.

Range of Occupations:

  • Consultant
  • Health services
  • Social services
  • Corrections
  • Rehabilitation
  • Counseling/therapy
  • Mental health
  • Residential services

Entrance Requirements:
1. Attend a program information session. Detailed information regarding program, profession and academic requirements will be discussed.
2. Eligibility for ENG 111 or ENG 115 or ENG 121.
3. Successful completion of a criminal background check.

Total Credit Hours: minimum of 61 credit hours

General Education Requirements: 31-36 credits 

English (3-6)
ENG 111-112 - Composition and Introduction to Literature 1 & 2
ENG 115-116- Composition and Introduction to Literature for Non-Native Speakers 1 & 2
ENG 121- Composition & Literature
Successful completion of ENG 121 fully satisfies the college English composition general education requirement. Students who take ENG 121 and not ENG 111-112 may need to take an additional elective course to ensure that they complete a minimum of 60 credits required for the award of an associate degree. These credit hours must be chosen with the approval of the department chair or program coordinator.
Arts and Humanities (6)
COM 141 - Small Group Discussion
Arts and Humanities general education other than COM
Computer Technology (3-4)
Biological and Physical Sciences (7-8)
BIO 135 - Principles of Nutrition
BIO 136* - Principles of Nutrition and Laboratory
BIO 230 - Structure and Function of the Human Body
*BIO 136 may be the preferred course for transferring to a four-year institution.
Health/Fitness/Wellness (3)
If transferring to UMBC, take HEA 100 or HEA 114
Mathematics (3)
MAT 135 - Elementary Statistics
Social and Behavioral Sciences (6)
SOC 111 - Introduction to Sociology
PSY 111 - Introduction to Psychology 

Program Requirements: 27 credits

BIO 152 - Biology of Aging (3)
BPA 211 - Principles of Accounting 1 (3)
BPA elective  (3)
If transferring to UMBC, take BPA 142
HUS 101 - Human Service and Addiction Counseling Ethics in Practice (3)
HUS 114 - Beginning Counseling and Assessment Techniques (3)
HUS 115 - Fieldwork: Beginning Counseling and Assessment Techniques (3)
PSY 151 - Psychology of Aging  (3)
SOC 150 - Introduction to Aging Studies (3)
Elective (arts and humanities or social and behavioral sciences) (3)

Check college catalog for prerequisites and descriptions for all courses. Please consult the transfer coordinator at the school where you are planning to transfer.

Elizabeth Appel, MSW, LCSW-C
Chair, Health and Human Services Department

Nicole Williams, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Human Services Department