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Private Student Loans

Private Loans for Credit Classes

If you are taking credit courses and pursuing an Associate’s degree or Certificate program at AACC, we strongly encourage you to apply for a Federal Direct Loan before you borrow a private student loan. The Federal Direct Loan interest rates are usually significantly lower than even the best private student loan rates, and most credit students are eligible to borrow Federal Direct Loans. 

The first step in the loan application process is to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

If you have already borrowed your maximum Federal Direct Loan amounts for this year and still need to borrow additional loan funds, borrowing a private student loan might be an option for you.

Private Loans for Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education students are not eligible to borrow Federal Direct Loans.

Private Loan Options

Private student loans are not part of the federal student loan program and they do require a credit check. You may borrow private loans from any lender you choose. Some private loans are only open to students taking credit classes and other loans will also consider students taking Continuing Education classes. The borrowing costs vary between programs. Please investigate the costs and choose the program that is right for you. offers a loan analyzer that helps students compare borrowing costs from an extensive list of private loan companies.