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UGotClass - Career Skills for the 21st Century

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AACC in partnership with the Learning Resource Network (LERN) is pleased to offer a series of online courses designed to provide you with the career skills needed for the 21st century. Each of the courses in this YouGotClass series is instructor-led.

Click on the course numbers below for full course descriptions and costs. Once you've registered for the course with AACC and provided your email address, AACC will forward students' email addresses to LERN who will contact students on how to access the course online. For more information about course content, visit the UGotClass Web site.  

BIS-516 - Facebook for Business
- Google Analytics
BIS-519 - Twitter
BIS-520 - YouTube for Business
BIS-502 - Intro to Social Media
BIS-503 - Marketing Using Social Media
BIS-504 - Integrate Social Media in an Organization
BIS-505 - Entrepreneur Boot Camp
BIS-539 - Video Marketing
BIS-549 - Keys to Customer Service
BIS-550 - Extraordinary Customer Service
BIS-551 - Management Boot Camp
BIS-567 - Social Media Strategist
BIS-563 - Content Marketing  
BNS-579 - Supervisory and Leadership
BNS-580 - Improving E-mail Promotions
BNS-581 - Boosting Web Site Traffic
BNS-582 - Online Advertising 

For more information contact Megan Stakolosa at 410-777-7387 or