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Help your business grow with these Continuing Professional Marketing courses at Anne Arundel Community College. AACC's continuing education business courses are taught by highly credentialed and experienced teachers. You can benefit from the most current information in your field or explore courses in related fields. We partner with companies and professional organizations to offer nationally recognized certifications and AACC also offers continuing education certificate programs to help demonstrate to employers that you've acquired a valuable body of knowledge.

* These are online classes offered with our partner Ed2Go; view instructions.PDF

OBS-505 - Business and Marketing Writing ONLINE*
BIS-502 - Intro to Social Media ONLINE LERN
BIS-503 - Marketing Using Social Media ONLINE LERN
BIS-516 - Facebook for Business ONLINE LERN
BIS-517 - Google Analytics ONLINE LERN
BIS-520 - YouTube for Business ONLINE LERN
BIS-539 - Video Marketing ONLINE LERN
BIS-563 - Content Marketing ONLINE LERN
BIS-571 - Evernote ONLINE LERN
BNS-580 - Improving E-mail Promotions ONLINE LERN
BNS-581 - Boosting Web Site Traffic ONLINE LERN
BNS-582 - Online Advertising ONLINE LERN
BIS-569 - Introduction to Data Analysis ONLINE LERN
BIS-564 - Introduction to Inbound Marketing ONLINE LERN
OBS-509 - Using Social Media in Business ONLINE* 
BIS-581 - Google Apps for Business ONLINE LERN
BIS-582 - Instagram for Business ONLINE LERN
BIS-565 - Advanced Inbound Marketing ONLINE LERN
BIS-574 - Creating Visual Presentations ONLINE LERN
BIS-573 - Photoshop for Presentations ONLINE LERN
BIS-584 - Podcasting ONLINE LERN
BIS-519 - Twitter ONLINE LERN

SAS-515 - Managing Customer Service ONLINE* 
DLC-313 - Effective Selling ONLINE*
BIS-549 - Keys to Customer Service ONLINE LERN
BIS-550 - Extraordinary Customer Service ONLINE
OBS-503 - Professional Sales Skills ONLINE*

* These are online classes offered with our partner Ed2Go; view instructions.PDF

For more information about AACC's continuing education business courses, contact the School for Continuing and Professional Studies at 410-777-2970 or

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