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Crime, Violence and Mental Illness Regional Conference

at 8:00AM to 6:00PM -

Illustration of man with head in his hands fading into particles.

Education, Preparation, Resiliency and Empowerment.

Violence remains at the forefront of every political debate and every national and international news story. From home invasions and college campus shootings to international terrorist attacks abroad, criminal justice and homeland security professionals, along with mental health practitioners, are working endlessly to counteract the onset and impact of violence.

During our annual conference, experts in law enforcement, corrections, the courts, juvenile justice, federal law enforcement, social work and human services offer their analysis of how crime, violence and mental illness intersect. The conference also showcases best practices in detecting, intervening and preventing violent crime - particularly as it involves people with mental illnesses.

8 a.m.-6 p.m., on June 8, 2017

Registration available on the day of the conference.
Cost: $95.

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Conference venue: Cade Center for Fine Arts Room 219

Sponsored by:  AACC Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute, School of Business and Law.