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child development center cdc child care and preschool parent testimonials

Read what parents have to say about AACC's Child Development Center child care and preschool programs.


The staff are very attentive and caring. They are highly skilled with their teaching

First I could always count on Mrs. Lavette to have it together and keep me together on upcoming events, plans, closure and need to knows. When I called she was always willing to help; Even if I was just checking in on my child's day.

Mrs. Janet always greeted you with a smile early in the morning. She was very enthused,organized and thorough. She is an incredible director with a fine open door policy. 

I can not say enough about Mrs. Debbie,  most of our experience was with Mrs. Debbie. She always found what was great about our kids, not what they didn't do right. She even  gave us info on things to do with Josh to help him improve with his learning prior to entering kindergarten ; ie Games to play, books to read.

Thanks for a great experience.

We will continue to recommend other children to your facility.


The Cook Family

To all of the faculty and staff of AACC Child Development Center,

We can’t thank you all enough for the diligent care, concern, guidance and education you have provided Dominic over the past two years.

You are all incredibly talented and patient and there is no doubt that you all sincerely love what you do. 

No matter how busy the morning or afternoon was, there was always a moment to answer a question or two or to provide a quick update on how the day went.  We truly felt that he was given individual attention on a regular basis and not “lost in the crowd.”

We have been so pleased with the level of education, the care and the happiness you have provided our child.  Please know that we sing your praises to all who will listen.  We could not be more proud of the decision we made to put our child in your care. 

We thank you for everything that you have done!

Jen, Howard and Dominic Roelecke

We've had a variety of daycare experiences, some good, some filled with hourly employees on their phone half of the day.  BUT I will highly recommend the Child Development Center at Anne Arundel Community College. I had ignored multiple recommendations from teacher colleagues in AACPS who raved about it.  

When I started working for the college last year, we tried it and I can't say enough good things about it.  The teachers and assistants are fully engaged with the kids, and the kids are treated as individuals, not a one size fits all approach at all.  They are truly interested in making sure each kid has a great day, learns (academic as well as appropriate social skills), is safe and is getting prepared for the next stage (the next age level room. Kindergarten, etc).

The kids are cared for and cared about when they are there. (Oh, and they do evening care for the occasional date night!)

Sara Eger