Future Students

Consultative Selling Trainee Testimonials

See what satisfied customers are saying about the GDA Consultative Selling Training:

“We now realize that our suppliers are not just vendors… they are the

  beginning of the food chain for our customers.”  -DuPont

“We shattered the industry belief that pharmaceutical reps can only get
10 – 12 seconds with doctors… we were getting up to 15 minutes!” 

“GDA’s Consultative Selling has become the platform for how we
communicate with our dealers.” -Honda Finance

“After taking the GDA sales training ourselves, we funded the same
for all of our resellers.”  
-Hewlett Packard Mid-Atlantic Region

“GDA’s strategic planning, sales training, and demand generation
strategies helped us achieve new sales records while improving
our margins.” -Ansys (Engineering Software)

“We used GDA’s tactical planning and sales audio programs to enhance
|our whole sales force.” – Apple Reseller

“With GDA’s Consultative Selling training, we won back every single
large 20-year holdout within 12 months.”
– American Express Establishment Services