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Customized Training

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The CWS customization process begins with an active dialogue to identify the client’s needs. CWS consultants probe for root causes, work with the client to identify the organization’s vision of ideal and current states for the business and determine how we can work together to fill the gaps by providing a truly unique, customized training and development experience. 

CWS subject matter experts study your industry, markets, corporate culture and other factors impacting your current operations. Our research often includes working with the client’s managers and staff, so we realistically understand the client’s specific challenges. CWS regularly engages a vast variety of unique community partnerships to keep current on the latest business trends, and partners with thought leaders to create innovative strategies and solutions to move the client’s business forward.   

We use a variety of customized delivery methods, including instructor-led, blended learning and web-based training, along with certifications and integrated client support services to ensure the unique needs of the client are met in service delivery as well as program design and development.

Our clients are pleasantly surprised with our ability to accommodate their specific needs within their budget. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation custom training consultation.