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Multi-Media Production

CWS can provide a variety of multi-media services to enhance employtee training.

CWS has the capability of providing a variety of multi-media production services. These capabilities allow us to provide a full range of integrated live trainings and online learning solutions, as well as support for your internal trainings. 

Our multi-media production services include:

On-Site Videography/DVD Recordings

Onsite videography may be used for part of an online training module, to record an in-class, face-to-face training for production into a DVD format, and/or for production in other multimedia methods of delivery such as vodcasts. Onsite videography can include, but is not limited to: a 1- or 2-camera video production package, pre- and post-production services, editing, audio recording and editing, storyboarding, scripting, voiceover, stock photos and footage. DVD recording and production can be provided once the onsite videography is complete.


CWS can also produce trainings that can be delivered straight to your employees in a series of podcasts (audio segments) or vodcasts (video segments) in which the learner is able to download episodes directly to their computer, smart phone, or other multimedia device. CWS works with organizations to record training programs into either an audio format or video recordings, creating a series of digital media files that will be released episodically through a password protected website at AACC iTunesU.


Webinars are another popular multi-media feature enabling training to be delivered in a synchronous learning environment directly to your employees’ desktops. AACC uses highly interactive software that permits trainees and the instructor to see and hear each other as they interact in real time over an Internet connection allowing for audio, video, presentations and document sharing, and the session can be archived for later viewing and/or to review content.