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Cybersecurity - E-mail Security

E-mail has become a critical way many of us communicate with friends and families and conduct business. We have become used to getting many messages a day and often those message have attachments, such as documents and photos, or links to Web sites that senders think might be of interest.
E-mail Security
Everybody enjoys this added convenience and speed of communication that e-mail facilitates. However, cyber criminals have also discovered that e-mail is an effective way to trick people into visiting Web sites that collect personal information (phishing or download malicious software and have overloaded our e-mail inboxes with messages we didn't ask for and don't want (known as spam).

Criminals will continue to evolve their practices but is not hard to stay ahead of them by being alert for suspicious e-mail and using technology to filter potentially unwanted e-mail from you inbox.

Important Note

No e-mail filter is perfect, so you still want to treat every message you get -- even the ones that appear to come from companies you do business with -- with a certain degree of caution.

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