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Save gas and time-work on campus! Great hourly rates plus textbook reimbursement program for our student employees (and of course, the free meals).

Positions Available Now:

All Positions are 20 - 25 Hours Per Week

Hourly Pay and No Benefits,  Hourly Wage Based on Position and Experience Beginning at $8.75 Per Hour

***Catering Assistant - Must be over 18 and have clean MD Drivers License  Experience Preferred  M-F  Hours Varied

****Mid Grill/Fry Cook - M - Th  10 am - 4 pm  Experienced Preferred

****Deli Sandwich Maker - Th & F  7 am - 3 pm

****Cashiers M - Th - Noon - 5:30 pm & Varied

****Salad Maker/Prep - M - Th - 7 am - 1 pm  Experienced Preferred

 AACC Dining Services Student Union Servery 101 College Parkway Arnold, MD 21012 E-mail resume to