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Disability Support Services Checklist

  • If a comprehensive evaluation report that diagnoses your disability is not available, have your physician, psychologist or other certified clinician complete and sign a Disability Verification Form that provides a diagnosis and the tests administered to reach the diagnosis. Secondary school information, such as an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan may also be submitted, but such documents must also include a psycho educational report. 
  • Check your documentation to be sure it is current (within the past three years).
  • If you do not have documentation and do not have a resource for evaluation, please call 410-777-2307, option 3, to make an appointment with the DSS office for evaluation referral resources.
  • Students registering for the first time with the DSS office should call 410-777-2307, option 3, to check appointment availability with Mimi Stoops.
  • Completed disability documentation must be submitted at least one week prior to your DSS appointment. The DSS advisor will discuss the course accommodations for which you are eligible, based on the documentation and information you provide.
  • The DSS Advisor will complete accommodation forms based on the documentation provided by your clinician and the information you provide.  
    *Please note: The documentation must support each accommodation you request. 
  • Take the Accommodation forms to your professor and/or the Testing Center. You and your professor sign and date the forms. If you have forms for the Testing Center, you and the Testing Center representative will need to sign and date them.
  • Attend class regularly and call the DSS office if you need assistance with your accommodations.

For additional information please call Courtney Sales at 410-777-2306.