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Documentation of Eligibility

  • Eligibility for accommodations/services from the Disability Support Services (DSS) office will be established when the student presents documentation of a disability to DSS. Said documentation must originate from a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a diagnosing physician who is certified in the field of the student’s disability, thus, qualified to make such a judgment. 
  • Documentation must be objective and relevant to the disability for which the student is self-identifying (i.e., student must meet in person with a member of DSS staff, located in Counseling, Advising and Retention Services, Student Services Building/Room 200, 410-777-2307, option 3). 
  • If the student submits an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), it must contain complete information including the most recent psycho-educational evaluation results. Written documentation and verification, including diagnosis of the disability and the appropriate tests administered, must be recent (within three years) and appropriate so that DSS staff can make the necessary decisions regarding accommodations. The nature of the disability will dictate the longevity of the documentation.
  • Challenges to the documentation will be made if a relative, immediate family member or friend of the family has conducted the evaluation. DSS staff will respond to documentation in a timely and reasonable manner.
  • If the information is not a comprehensive evaluation or if the documentation is inadequate, a Disability Verification Form will be provided to the student and/or sent to the physician or other certified professional clinician to be completed and returned to DSS.