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Job Openings - Faculty, Part-time


Adjunct Faculty, Nursing Department


Clinical instruction, all specialty areas, for RN or PN program.


Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and recent clinical experience required.

Teaching experience and Master’s degree in Nursing preferred.

Hours:  Days, Evenings and Weekends

To apply, please email resume to:
Beth Batturs-Martin, Director of Nursing and Healthcare Initiatives at

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing Instructors for the Licensed Nurse Refresher Program

Part-time (Evenings & Weekends)

Instructors will be teaching RNs and LPNs with active or inactive Maryland nursing licenses, in order to update their knowledge of medical and surgical nursing including anatomy and physiology, major disease pathology, emergency medicine, current treatment strategies and legal issues in nursing.

AACC is currently seeking RNs for the following positions:

Lecture Instructors – for face2face program
BSN prepared RN, with minimum 2-4 years recent practice experience (preferably AA County) to teach 3-hour lectures on a variety of topics in the Licensed Nurse Refresher program. Most materials (power point presentations and quizzes as well as online resources) are available.

Previous teaching experience preferred.

Clinical Instructors
BSN prepared RN, with minimum 2-4 years recent clinical experience (preferably AA County) to arrange for clinical in the nurse refresher class and to supervise and evaluate Nurse Refresher students in acute and sub-acute care.

Will be required to commit to a minimum of 2, preferably 3, full weekend clinical rotations. Some Preceptor and or/clinical instruction experience required.

The clinical instructor in the Licensed Nurse Refresher Program meets periodically with the Health Services Coordinator and the Lead Instructor for course planning purposes. Be available periodically to discuss student activities, student performance problems or difficulties with the clinical facilities.

Attend AAMC faculty orientation.

Oversee students for 4 clinical weekends, plan student assignments and meet with students at the end of each clinical weekend to review the clinical experience, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide an opportunity for reflection, guide students in developing their Plan for Success, and complete students’ final evaluation, and report results to lead instructor.

Skills Lab Instructors
The skills lab instructor in the Licensed Nurse Refresher program meets with the health professions coordinator and Lead Instructor for course planning, student activities, and student performance issues.

RN, BSN will precept one weekend of psychomotor skills and one weekend of physical assessment skills, monitor student performance, is responsible for student adherence to psychomotor and physical assessment skills lab checklist, and reports student performance to the Lead Instructor.

Lead Instructor – for online self-paced Nurse Refresher program
The Lead Instructor for the online self-paced Licensed Nurse Refresher (didactic) Program is responsible for overseeing and teaching the 90- hour online course. This individual should have prior experience teaching in an online Learning Management system (ex. Canvas, Blackboard, etc.). The Lead Instructor will be responsible for meeting periodically with the students in the program and with AACC’s Health Services Coordinator. The Lead Instructor will update course content online as needed. This person will be responsible for assessment, course planning, student activities and student performance issues. The Lead Instructor is expected to be available during the entire program for student questions/concerns. The lead instructor will teach all online course content, review and grade quizzes and case-studies, maintain student records and provide feedback to students surrounding the course.

Lead Instructor – for face2face Nurse Refresher Program
The Lead Instructor in the Licensed Nurse Refresher Program meets periodically with AACC's health services coordinator and coordinates with the virtual instructor to schedule instructors and complete/adjust the course, for course/faculty assessment, course planning, student activities and student performance issues. The Lead Instructor is expected to be present during the first hour of all Monday evening classes to set up the room for presentations, introduce lecturers, review take-home quizzes and address student issues. The lead instructor maintains student records and completed the final paperwork required. In addition, acts as a substitute instructor or procures a back-up instructor if needed. 

All instructors require an active Maryland Registered Nursing license and a baccalaureate degree in nursing; a minimum of 3 years of clinical and teaching experience preferred. Continuing Professional Education is also in search of RN, BSN’s who are interested in developing new courses in specialty areas for the health care population. We looking for skilled, quality-nursing instructors interested in teaching new, upcoming and interesting topics.

For more information or if interested please contact:
Mar-Lynn Mickens at 410-777-2560 or send an e-mail to