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EMT-Intermediate Course Sequence

Under a physician's direction and as a valued member of the health care team, Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediates are in a position to meet the challenges of today's health care and to act in the best interest of the patient.

EMT-Intermediate Course Sequence (Certificate)


ACA 100 - Student Success (1)

Certificate Requirements

Fall Term 
EMT 106 - Human Systems for the EMT Intermediate (2)
EMT 110 - Foundations of EMT-Intermediate Practice (5)
EMT 111 - EMT-Intermediate Concepts and Practice 1 (4)

Winter Term
EMT 109 - Cardiac Algorithms for the EMT-Intermediate (2)                                 

Spring Term
EMT 112 - EMT-Intermediate Concepts and Practice 2 (3)
EMT 113 - EMT-Intermediate Concepts and Practice 3 (3)
EMT 114 - EMT-Intermediate Skill Mastery and Field Internship (5)
EMT 203 - Lead ECG Interpretation for the EMT-Intermediate (2) 

After successful completion of the EMT-I course sequence, students are eligible to sit for the Maryland state EMT-Intermediate certification exam. There is a fee for this exam.               

Students successfully completing the EMT-I course sequence are eligible to bridge to the paramedic program after completing the prerequisite requirements.