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CAD Course Descriptions

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What classes are taught? The certificate requirements are 5 CAD/drafting classes. The objective is to gradually increase the students drafting skill starting with hand-drafting, sketching to basic 2D AutoCAD, then onto 3D AutoCAD shapes, Engineering drawing, and then finally, 3D Solid-modeling. Descriptions of each class are below. Access the Important Links to the left where you will find more CAD information. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.


  • ENT241 - Computer-aided Drafting  (No Prereqs)
  • ENT260 - Solidmodeling with Solidworks (No Prereqs)
  • ENT242 - Advanced Computer-aided Drafting
  • ENT261 - Advanced Solid-Modeling 
  • Elective*  (see list below) 

* Electives:  CAT-220 - 3d Studio Max, EET-118 - Electronic Hardware and Assembly Techniques, MAT-121 - Algebra and Trigonometry, Any other EGR  or ACH Course.

ENT241- Computer Aided Drafting: Introductory course on AutoCAD. AutoCAD is an extremely powerful software tool and is the main computer aided design package in the world. In this class, you will learn the skills and processes to draw mechanical parts, architectural plans, engineering diagrams, electronics, etc. Previous experience in drafting fundamentals would be helpful. Students with no drafting experience are encouraged to take ENT 111.

ENT242- Advanced Computer Aided Drafting:  A continuation of ENT241 moving onto advanced AutoCAD techniques. This class introduces concepts and skills used primarily in Civil, Structural Engineering and Architecture. Advanced AutoCAD concepts such as assigning data to blocks, creating bills of materials, importing and exporting of AutoCAD files from and to other software are all covered. The majority of this class is in 2D drawing however 3D isometric views are covered which leads into the next class ENT243. Prerequisite: ENT 241 or ACH 245 or permission of department chair.

ENT260 Solidmodeling with Solidworks: Learn to use SolidWorks, the next generation of 3-D CAD software. SolidWorks is a fully editable solid-modeling CAD software used to produce 3-D drawings of solid models. The course will start by first discussing 2-dimensional entities, then gradually creating 3-dimensional solid models and then finally integrating those models into an assembly. The student will also learn how to extract drawing views from 3D solid models. This course assumes a basic knowledge of orthographic drawings.

ENT261 - Advanced Solid-modeling:  Learn how to use the advanced features of three dimensional solid-modeling applications. Apply CAD knowledge to real industry applications by mastering complex surface modeling, mechanical design projects, rendering and animation. Forecast how assemblies will react in the real world. Design complex parts and create prototypes with a 3-D printer. Gain proficiency with finishing techniques to produce professional prototypes. Publish a design portfolio on the web.