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Amaranth - Submission Guidelines

Amaranth is Anne Arundel Community College's Journal for the Creative Arts. It is a student-run and edited journal that is published once a year through funding from the AACC Student Organization and generous donations from Tim and Darlene Barnum and an anonymous donor.

Submission Guidelines

Amaranth is already accepting submissions for the 2014-2015 edition!

Please submit poetry, prose (fiction or creative nonfiction), drama, original music or artwork

 For your submission to be considered, you must meet the following specifications: Both poetry and prose should be submitted in the body of the e-mail and as an attachment (to save special text formatting). Artwork may be submitted electronically as a .tif file or a .jpeg file

When you submit your work be sure to include the following contact information: your name your current home address your current e-mail address your phone number You should either be a current or former student of Anne Arundel Community College to submit work for Amaranth.

The fall semester deadline for submissions is November 21, 2014.  

The spring semester deadline for submissions is February 20, 2015.

We strive to represent the diversity of the student body. The work is put through a careful and anonymous review process by the student editors, staff and faculty advisors. Authors will be notified by e-mail at the end of February if their work is accepted.

We maintain flexibility during the layout process to make the most cohesive journal possible; therefore, no work is guaranteed acceptance until the final publication. All authors and artists who submit their work retain individual copyrights.

Amaranth Competitions: $25 prize per category! Amaranth seeks entries in the categories of: art, one-act play, personal essay, poetry and short fiction. You must be a current or former AACC student. Winners will see their work featured in the 2014-2015 issue of Amaranth.

Co-Editors-in-chief: Kate Keeney & Emily Parks

Managaing Editor: Sam Miller  

Layout Editor: Morgan Nakrosis

Staff members: Darcie Morin, David Stern, Jaso Bolay & John Brandon  

 If you are interested in working on Amaranth during the 2014-2015 school year, please contact or Faculty advisors: Susan Cohen & Garrett Brown