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Invasive Species Control

Thick brown microstegnum vine grows up into a tree


Human activities always impact the world around them. They may be introduce plants from other parts of the globe, or change habitat conditions to favor certain species. This causes the evolution of invasive species.

Kudzu vine completely blanketing trees and ground
Mile-a-minute grows in a clump of trees

Exotic species are organisms introduced by humankind to an area where they are not native (naturally found). Invasive species are organisms that can come to dominate an ecosystem to such a degree that they exclude other naturally occurring life forms. Invasive species may be exotic and are often invasive in their non-native habitat because of a lack of natural diseases and predators. Native species may also become invasive because of dramatic changes in habitat caused by human activities. Whether native or exotic, invasive species cause a general decline in ambient environmental quality by reducing the biodiversity of the impacted ecosystem.

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