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AACC is pleased to offer a series of five certificates for non-native speakers of English designed to improve academic language proficiency in preparation for entering credit or non-credit certificate and degree programs. Students will also be able to qualify for a wider range of occupations.

What is the training?
Students will practice speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills to enhance language proficiency. Each of the three-credit equivalent courses is organized into one of five levels: beginning, intermediate, high intermediate, advanced and capstone. Students at the advanced and capstone level are allowed to take certain credit courses at the same time.

What courses will I take and what does it cost?
English for Academic Purposes Beginning Proficiency
Certificate code: CE.ESL.ENG-BEG
ESL-301 - Beginning Grammar
ESL-302 - Beginning Reading and Vocabulary
ESL-307 - Beginning Writing
ESL-308 - Beginning Listening and Speaking
Cost - The beginning proficiency training is free to Anne Arundel County residents, $257 for residents of other Maryland counties and $512 for residents of other states, non U.S. citizens and non-immigrants. *Required textbooks additional.

English for Academic Purposes Intermediate Proficiency
Certificate code: CE.ESL.ENG-INTER
ESL-311 - Intermediate Grammar
ESL-312 - Intermediate Reading and Vocabulary
ESL-318 - Intermediate Writing
ESL-319 - Intermediate Listening and Speaking 

English for Academic Purposes at the High Intermediate Proficiency

Certificate code: CE.ESL.HIGH-INTER
ESL-346- High Intermediate Listening and Speaking
ESL-347 - High Intermediate Grammar
ESL-348 - High Intermediate Reading and Vocabulary
ESL-349 - High Intermediate Writing   

English for Academic Purposes Advanced Proficiency 
Certificate code: CE.ESL.ENG-ADV
ESL-332- Advanced Listening and Speaking 
ESL-321 - Advanced Grammar
ESL-322 - Advanced Reading and Vocabulary
ESL-331 - Advanced Writing 

English for Academic Purposes Capstone Proficiency 
Certificate code: Certificate code: CE.ESL.ENG-CAPSTONE
ESL-396 - Capstone Speech and Presentation
ESL-387 - Capstone Grammar 
ESL 398 - Capstone Reading and Vocabulary
ESL-399 - Capstone Writing
Cost - The intermediate, high intermediate, advanced and capstone proficiency training is $247 for Anne Arundel County residents, $257 for residents of other Maryland counties and $512 for residents of other states, non U.S. citizens and non-immigrants. **Required textbooks additional.

What are the requirements?
Students must be at least 17 years old and have a valid visa, be a resident, or a U.S. citizen. Classes are for students whose native language is not English.

How do I enroll?
Before registering, new students must submit an application to the Admissions and Enrollment Development Office. After submitting an application, new students must take the ESL placement test in the Testing Center. ESL students must meet with an ESL adviser before registering for classes.

Advising and registration for ESL classes takes place in Room 206 of the Johnson Building on the Arnold Campus, on the 2nd floor of the Glen Burnie Town Center and in the Student Service office at Arundel Mills. Contact the ESL Office at 410-777-2901 for the current advising and registration schedule.

Related Training
AACC offers a comprehensive ESL program with a variety of courses at the beginning, intermediate, high intermediate, advanced and capstone levels. Courses are designed to provide students with the English language skills they need for success at work, in the community or for academic purposes. See the Noncredit Schedule of Classes or visit

For more information contact the ESL Office at 410-777-2901.

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