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Do you love to draw and paint? Are you passionate about art? Earn an AACC continuing education certificate offered through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. A continuing education certificate demonstrates skills and proficiency in drawing and painting using various media.

Certificate code: CE.FINE.ARTS

What is the training?
Training consists of four noncredit courses core required noncredit course that provide an overview of drawing fundamentals, watercolor basics, color pencil techniques and portraiture. Students will gain a foundation in art theory and techniques. Total hours: 79

What courses will I take?
ARS 310 - Effective Color Pencil Technique
ATS 312 - Watercolor Basics: You Can Do It
ARS 376 - Drawing Fundamentals
ARS 377 - Drawing 2: Portraiture

What credentials can I earn?
Upon successful completion students will earn an AACC continuing education certificate. To receive the certificate students complete and submit the form to our office. The form and instructions can be found at

What will it cost?
$643 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition and fees. Students may purchase additional supplies with an estimated cost not to exceed $115.

What are the requirements?
Student must be at least 16 years old.

How do I enroll?
Register online, in person, by fax, mail or touch-tone phone. Use certificate code CE.FINE.ARTS. Visit for details.

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For more information contact Louann M. Tracy, director, Office of Lifelong Learning, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, at 410-777-2325 or