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FIG Volunteer Roles: Officers, Advisors & Contributors

FIG relies on the volunteer activity of its officers, advisors and its regular members and associate member contributors.

View the responsibilities of officers and advisors:

Affairs of the Futures Interest Group (FIG) are managed by an executive steering committee comprised of the President, Executive Vice President and the Vice President of Organizational Coordination and the club advisor(s).

The President shall:

  1. Carry out in the spirit and detail the provision of this Constitution;
  2. Act as official representative of and spokesperson for the organization at the Student Association Advisory Council;
  3. Provide liaison on behalf of the organization to the Office of Student Life;
  4. Preside at meetings of the general membership; and
  5. Delegates responsibilities to officers and committee heads.
  6. Oversee the creation of an annual plan with steering committee members.
  7. Oversee the creation of a budget with steering committee members.
  8. Support and when necessary, conduct the duties of other steering committee members.

The Executive Vice-President shall:

  1. Assist the President in the performance of his/her duties;
  2. Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence; and
  3. Manage membership duties including:
    1. Provide Futures Interest Group (FIG) student membership applications to all potential members; and
    2. Conduct an active membership campaign.
  4. Work closely with the Vice President in collecting Futures Interest Group (FIG) dues and activity fees when appropriate;
  5. Be responsible for making all necessary expenditures and deposits when authorized by the president and faculty advisor;
  6. Keep financial records;
  7. Submit a written financial report to the  faculty advisor  and club leadership at the last regular meeting each semester;
  8. Be responsible for the preparation and presentation of all financial reports required by the Student Association, as well as the annual budget;
  9. Act as official representative to and spokesperson for the organization at the Student Association Budget Committee; and
  10. Coordinate his/her efforts with those of the Student Association Treasurer.

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The Vice President of Organizational Coordination shall:

  1. Keep all records except financial;
  2. Act as recorder at all the organization meetings and keeper of all organization files and correspondence;
  3. Prepare written report of each meeting; and
  4. Be responsible for all organizational correspondence.
  5. Be responsible for the direct facilitating, and scheduling of all organizational activities in line with the steering committee plan;
  6. Be responsible for promoting  events and affairs of the chapter to the school and community;
  7. Coordinate his/her efforts with the organization’s Advisor; and
  8. Provide extensive liaison to the Director of Student Life.
  9. Be responsible for updating all club activities, deadlines, and other important information on the college website as well as on the Facebook web page;
  10. Be in charge of acquiring data, pictures and any other pertinent information needed to update both web pages; and
  11. Be responsible for promoting upcoming events, speakers, or other engagements on both web pages.

The Advisors shall:

  1. Attend meetings of the general membership and provide assistance to and resources for the organization, as desired, requested, or as he/she deems appropriate;
  2. Be responsible for organizational adherence to all applicable College policies, rule, and regulations; and
  3. Coordinate his/her efforts with and provide continuous liaison to the Director of Student Life.

Contributors are any regular members or associate members who contribute their time, talent or ideas to the Futures Interest Group.

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