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futureportal… an ezine on the future - january 2006

Welcome to futureportal, an ezine of The Institute for the Future (IF) at Anne Arundel Community College. January 2006, volume 2, issue 1

Please feel free to share this issue and archived issues with your colleagues. Get a start with "The Art of Foresight" (Posted here with permission of our Partner
World Future Society)

on the horizon- upcoming events
  • Thinking and Learning about the Future

"Brown Bag" Schedule for Spring 2006

February '06
2/6  1-1:50 pm, AACC Arnold, Cade 207 IF Brownbag: "Will There Still Be Males and Females?  The Future of Gender Roles" by Shirley Parry, Director, Anne Arundel Community College Women's Institute. Free but you must rsvp.

March '06
3/6 1-1:50 pm, AACC Arnold, Cade 207 IF Brownbag: “A Senior Manifesto- Society’s Basic Provisions for Older Workers: A future view” by Richard Seabrook, Professor, Computer Science,  Anne Arundel Community College. Free but you must rsvp .

April '06
4/3 1-1:50 pm, AACC Arnold, Cade 207 IF Brownbag: “Does History Repeat Itself and Other Myths about the Future." Dr. Elizabeth Kessel, Professor, History,  Anne Arundel Community College. Free but you must rsvp.

IF @ AACC Brown bag sessions are free, but you must rsvp.

Looking for online courses on the future?

Some conferences and futures sessions  of note:
WorldFuture 2006: Creating Global Strategies for Humanity's Future
July 28-30, 2006 
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Professional Members' Forum: July 31, 2006

Anytime: "Does your organization need a speaker on the future?"  See the
Institute's futures' speaker list.

See upcoming activity sponsored by our partner, the World Future Society, a global leader in the study of the future at

See the National Capital Region, World Future Society

thinking globally and acting locally





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  • Applied Foresight

Guide helps you find answers to some practical questions on teaching and learning about the future on the IF @ AACC website. Find futures fast with our Practical Guide to the Future!

Continued Bird Flu View... What can YOU do? Follow the updates from  the Center for Disease Control (USA) and the  World Health Organization say about bird flu?  Thinking locally, acting locally, hence, globally: Pandemics, flu and avian (bird) flu... clearly global and local concerns.  See some of the steps each of us can take to impact the future and to prevent flu as provided by one local health department. 

  • Futures thinking

This Issue's Focus: Living in 2025 New Year’s view  - 2025 … food for thought…

Military: Air Force in 2025

Education: Some long range guidance for the University of California





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