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Futureportal… an ezine on the future, March 2012

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Welcome to Futureportal, an ezine of the Institute for the Future at Anne Arundel Community College (IF @ AACC), March 2012, volume 8, issue 3...We study the future to help build a better tomorrow.   

Inside this issue...

  • futures thinking... looking ahead
  • applied foresight... using the perspective
  • on the horizon... learning opportunities & events - local, regional and global
  • applied foresight... using the perspective

The Institute for the Future (IFTF) of Palo Alto, CA, is a nonprofit research group engaged in investigating emerging trends and discontinuities.  The webpage of IFTF has information on future issues relating to health, the global food outlook, and many others.

  • futures thinking... looking ahead

Green algae is a promising form of sustainable energy, as described on this US Department of Agriculture website. A seven minute film (or text version) describes the production of hydrogen gas from the algae and the corresponding  fuel  cell technology to power vehicles. A significant advantage of this process is that it eliminates the reformation of  the fossil fuel methane for hydrogen production, and with it, the  accompanying production of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

Additional information about switch grass for ethanol production, 'super' yeast to improve the corn to ethanol process, and biodiesel production is also available on the site.

  • on the horizon... learning opportunities & events - local, regional and global

The Brown Bag Lunch Series sponsored by IF @ AACC for March:

"Accounting in the Future - What Will It Look Like?"
by Lawrie Gardner
Associate Professor of Business Administration, AACC
Tuesday, March 13 
1-1:50 p.m. 
CALT Bldg, Room 100
AACC, Arnold, MD (map)
This event is free and open to the public. 

Interested in a course on the future for college credit?
Check our Exploring the Future (FTR /BPA /SOC /PSY 105) course listing. This is a 3 credit-hour General Education course which also satisfies the diversity requirement, and it is offered in either online or face-to-face formats. Registration for the Summer and Fall 2012 terms begins in March.

Create the future... today at the blog of the international futures ezine, Futuretakes. The blog can be a learning resource, or just a great mind-expander. Many of the questions are cross-cutting and trans-disciplinary. They are organized into categories readers' convenience.

Registration is now open for the WorldFuture 2012 Conference, July 27-29, in Toronto, Canada. This is the annual conference of the World Future Society.

The Futureportal supports the spirit of community among colleagues and the synergy of working together.