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Futureportal… an ezine on the future, July-August 2011

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Welcome to Futureportal, an ezine of the Institute for the Future at Anne Arundel Community College (IF @ AACC), July-August 2011, volume 7, issue 7...We study the future to help build a better tomorrow.   

Inside this issue...

  • futures thinking... looking ahead
  • applied foresight... using the perspective
  • on the horizon... learning opportunities & events - local, regional and global
  • futures thinking... looking ahead

Regenerative medicine is a field that could significantly change the future! This is a new way of treating injuries and diseases that uses specially grown tissues and cells, laboratory made components, and artificial organs. Combinations of these approaches can amplify our natural healing process, or take over the function of a permanently damaged organ. This complex field brings together experts in regenerative biology, tissue engineering, transplantation, developmental biology, systems biology, physiology, many branches of biochemistry, biophysics, computer science, genomics, many branches of zoology, and soon nanotechnology. It is already known that regeneration is widespread in the animal kingdom -- from lowly planarians through such species as salamanders, birds, mice, deer and humans. -- Human livers have regenerative properties, while hair, skin, muscle, bone and blood are constantly regenerated.

Leading research institutes include the University of Pittsburgh's McGowan Institute (MIRM), the Wake Forest Institute (WFIRM), the University of Washington Institute (ISCRM), and a number of others. International collaboration is supported by societies such as the Tissue Engineering International & Regenerative Medicine Society (TERMIS) and the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR).

  • applied foresight... using the perspective
Ocean wave energy may become a significant alternative energy source. Some of the current technologies, as well as environmental considerations, are described on this Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Web site of the U.S. Department of the Interior.  
  • on the horizon... learning opportunities & events - local, regional and global

Interested in a course on the future for college credit?
Check our Exploring the Future (FTR /BPA /SOC 105) course listing. This is a 3 credit-hour General Education course which also satisfies the diversity requirement. Fall Term registration is open for both face-to-face and online classes.

Create the future... today at the blog of the international futures ezine, Futuretakes. The blog can be a learning resource, or just a great mind-expander. Many of the questions are cross-cutting and trans-disciplinary. They are organized into categories readers' convenience.

Registration is now open for the WorldFuture 2011 Conference "Moving from Vision to Action", which will be July 8 - 10 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This is the annual conference of the World Future Society.

The Futureportal supports the spirit of community among colleagues and the synergy of working together.