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Patti Petry has a bachelor degree from University of Maryland Baltimore County and a master’s from the University of Maryland in College Park. She won a gold medal at the International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show culinary competition in New York and has taught in AACC’s Kids in college program and other culinary classes over the past few years.

Mike Plitt is a Maryland native and graduate of HCAT along with a pastry apprenticeship in Positano, Italy. He has worked as a Pastry Chef for over six years at places such as Fager's Island in Ocean City, Maryland and Arrows Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine.

Andy Rimando has worked at Whole Foods in Annapolis. He has a wide range of experience with many different types of Pacific Rim cuisine, but prefers working with fresh sushi and sashimi.

Susan Santavicca has had a love for cooking and baking since she was a small child when she would play in the kitchen with her grandfather. She has worked in restaurants, bakeries and candy stores in Florida and Tennessee. In 2007 Susan started taken credit class at HCAT and received her certificate in Baking and Pastry with cooking skills in 2010 and certificate in Baking and Pastry in 2011. While taking class she realized that she loved sharing what she had learned over the years to fellow students. One of her favorite chef-instructors suggested teaching.

Rebecca Sileo is a graduate of Peter Kump's School of Culinary Arts in New York. She is a personal chef and the owner of Rebecca Sileo Personal Chef Services. She enjoys offering her culinary expertise while teaching others how to cook.

A.C. Stebel is a personal chef and owner of A graduate of Emory University, Stebel holds degrees in history and English as well as accounting and business.

Tim Trigilio has a bachelor degree from Washington and Lee University, a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine from Virginia Tech, and a MBA from the University of Phoenix. Although he spends much of his day working with animals as a veterinarian, his true passion is beer. He spends a majority of his remaining time reading about, traveling for, tasting, and home brewing beer. He is a member of the American Home Brewers Association, as well as a few other local beer education and tasting and clubs.

Danielle Turner is a personal chef, cooking instructor and food writer in the Washington, DC area. She recently launched, a website teaching readers the A-B-Cs of cooking in 150-words daily. Chef Danielle has taught cooking classes at L’academie de Cuisine, Anne Arundel Community College, Williams-Sonoma & Sur La Table. Her feature articles and recipes have been published in The Food Network Holiday Survival Guide,, Restaurant Digest,, and, to name a few.

Ted Tyler is currently a chef for Whole Foods. He holds a degree in Culinary Arts Management and has worked in several restaurants in the Annapolis area cooking both savory bistro style menus and catering as well as Pastry for fine dining. Ted worked as Production Supervisor and Pastry Chef for Amero Foods under French Master Pastry Chef Theodore Pary. He is an active member of the American Culinary Federation and presently pursuing another degree in Business Administration at the University of Maryland.

Monique Williams has been the Job Corps advanced culinary instructor at Anne Arundel Community College since July 2009. She received her training at Job Corp Centers in Maryland and California and attended The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia. Chef Moe has obtained certifications in Hospitality & Restaurant Management, Controlling Foodservice Cost, Nutrition, Human Resources Management & Supervision, Customer Service (MFP) as well as her American Culinary Federation Certified Executive Chef Certification. Most notably, she is the first Job Corps student to advance from a basic culinary student to an advanced culinary instructor and continues to work towards becoming a Certified Master Chef.

Chef Lou Woods, CEC, CCA, FMP comes to HCAT with over 15 years experience as a chef, teacher and manager in the food service industry. Chef Woods has served as an executive chef in the business and healthcare industries. He received his Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from AACC and his Bachelors degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, from the hospitality program at University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is currently working on an MBA degree through Western Governors University.

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