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If you are a prospective student, please see 10 Easy Steps to Enroll.

Register for Classes
To register for credit classes and browse course schedules, please visit AACC's Records and Registration.

HCAT Student Handbook
Download the Student Handbook PDF and bring the four forms located at the back of the handbook to your first class.

Please login to MyAACC to access your HCAT Student Resource Center.
After registering for your first courses, all HCAT students should visit the Student Resource Center for news and information on the program. The HCAT SRC is located under the Community Groups section of the Virtual Campus. To access the Virtual Campus, sign into MyAACC, and click on the VCampus icon at the top right of the screen.

HCAT'S Mandatory Student Orientation is online!

 Also located in the HCAT Student Resource Center is the mandatory Student Orientation, a self-paced introduction to HCAT Institute. Please complete the orientation before the start of your first class. This will only be available close to the start of your first class.

  • Log in to MyAACC and click on the link "Access My Courses"
  • To enter the HCAT Student Resource Center, click on the Courses tab and then select GRP_HCAT_ORIEN
  • The HCAT student orientation is the first module


  • New uniforms are available through the College Store located in the Student Services building in Arnold or Glen Burnie Town Center, or you may order online at CulinaryClassics.
  • You can bring your uniform to Maryland Monogram in Pasadena to have it embroidered.
  • If ordering online, you may want to print out and follow these online uniform instructions.PDF

Connect with an HCAT Faculty Advisor     

Pastry Students:                     
David Ludwig, 410-777-2063, 
Louise Nielsen 410-777-2065,
Virginia Olson, 410-777-2208,

Culinary Students:         
Shawn Harlan, 410-777-1178,
Ken Jarvis, 410-777-2722,
John Johnson, 410-777-1225, 

Hospitality Students:
Ken Jarvis, 410-777-2722,
Lou Woods, 410-777-1156, 

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or call 410-777-2114.