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Delegating Nurse for Assisted Living

Advance your career with this Maryland Board of Nursing approved course required for nurses desiring to function as an RN Case Manager /Delegating Nurse in the Assisted Living setting.

NRN 500
R.N., C.M./D.N. Training Program in Assisted Living

The RN CM/DM meets the requirements to delegate nursing functions including medication administration and also to supervise the medication technician. The nurse will be authorized to teach the Medication Administration Training Program to the Medication Technician (MT) working in the assisted living setting. $235 includes $55 fee.
Note: Includes light breakfast and work lunch.

Download a copy of the Nurse Practice Act booklet from the Maryland Board of Nursing website and the Assisted Living COMAR Regulations 10.07.14 available from the Office of the Secretary of State Division of State Documents website

For more information contact AACC’s office of Continuing Professional Education at 410-777-2970 or