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While specifically designed to meet the continuing education needs of practitioners in physical therapy and occupational therapy, these courses will benefit all health care providers. Instructors are credentialed experts in their field.

Physical Therapist at Work

The following clinical continuing education courses are for physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals and other health care professionals. Students are responsible for determining if the course content is within the scope of practice for their profession as determined by their regulatory board or agency.

All courses approved by the Maryland State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners and Maryland State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice are noted following the course description.

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DRV-509 - Disability, Vision, Aging: Effect on Driving
DRV-514 - Intro to Driver Rehabilitation
MST-333 - Basic Sports Massage for Athletic Events
MST-336 - Hot Stone Therapy
MST-344 - Essential Oils for Massage Therapy
PTA-300 - Innovative Shoulder Rehabilitation Technique
PTA-318 - Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation
PTA-320 - Rehab Management for Common Knee Injuries
PTA-323 - Manual Skills Techniques for Therapists 
PTA-326 - Peripheral Joint Mobilization
PTA-330 - Arthritis: Rehabilitation Strategies 
PTA-332 - Fall Prevention in the Elderly: A Comprehensive Approach
PTA-333 - Manual Therapy: Cervical and Thoracic Spine
PTA-334 - Manual Therapy: Lumbo-Pelvic Spine
PTA-503 - Kinesio Taping: KT1 and KT2  
PTA-507 - Kinesio Taping: KT3 
PTA-516 - KT 4: Specialty Sports
PTA-517 - Treating Balance Impairment in Older Adults
PTA-518 - KT 4: Specialty Neurological Concepts of Kinesio Taping
PTA-520 - KT 4: Specialized Hand Therapy Kinesio Taping Concepts
PTA-522 - Improving Mobility in Older Adults NEW
YGA-549 - Therapeutic Applications of Hatha Yoga
PTA-519 - Fibromyalgia/Hypermobility NEW
PTA-521 - Treating Women's Health 

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