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What are they?
Check out some examples of past Honors Contracts!

* The Honors Department would like to thank all of the Honors Faculty Mentors who have worked with our students to expand their learning experiences.

What is an Honors Contract?

In addition to Honors Courses and Seminars, an Honors student has the ability to pursue an Honors Contract to receive Honors credits. An Honors Contract is something that can be added to any regular course at AACC. An Honors Contract is a project-based learning experience with a faculty mentor completed within a non-Honors course. At the heart of the AACC Honors Contract is a substantial project that is is completed in addition to the required work for the course. Honors Contracts are a great opportunity to be creative and take the regular course material and expand on it by integrating personal interests and interdisciplinary topics and methodologies.

Examples of Honors Contracts:
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  • An Honors student completed one for her Math 131 course.
  • Amanda Towles pursued one for her Biology class and integrated her interests in Heath and Nutrition.
  • Another Honors student also completed an Honors Contract for her American Sign Language course and incorporated artistic interests.
  • Oliver Minall, Christopher Straight, and Sara Stallworth participated in the 2009 Community College Ethics Bowl for their Honors Contract.
If you are interested in completing an Honors Contract, please check your Honors eligibility via your MyAACC profile and speak to the professor in your class if Honors contracts are available.