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Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Internship program at AACC. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.

How can I get involved with the AACC internship program?
Faculty can participate in several ways, including serving as a faculty advisor, recommending organizations in the community that the internship office could develop partnerships, and encouraging your students to seek an internship experience.

How do I become a faculty advisor for a student seeking an internship? Thank you for your interest! From time to time, a student may ask for your support to become an intern.  Please ask your department chair for details about becoming a faculty advisor, and feel free to contact the Internship Office staff as well.

What if our department doesn't have an internship course?
If your department does not offer an internship course, the Internship Experience (IEX) series may facilitate work-based learning for students in that discipline. The Faculty Internship Packet may be a helpful resource to you in that case.

I know a business that would be a great site for an internship.  How do I get them involved?
Thanks for helping to grow our resources for our students. Please e-mail any background and contact information to and we will take it from there.

How can I encourage students to go on an internship?
Internship Office staff are available for classroom visits and can make the internship application process clear to students through a short presentation. Upon occasion, it may be possible to bring in industry experts in a field of study who have supervised AACC interns.

How should I assist students who wish to sign up for an internship?
Students enrolled in programs of the School of Health Professions and of the Legal Studies Institute should be directed to the department chairs and coordinator in those programs to follow the processes unique to their area study. 

For all other students, there is an application process that the student should follow prior to signing up for an internship course. Students should be directed here or they can be directed to the internship office in Careers Room 308 for information about the process.

How is an internship structured?
All credit-bearing internships involve a faculty advisor, a student intern and his or her learning objectives, and a workplace mentor. However, there are several approaches to structuring and loading an internship course. For instance, some departments feature internships that involve faculty advising in tandem with a hybrid course and require as few as 90 hours of work-based learning. Other internship models are based on individual faculty meetings with the student, no concurrent coursework, and a higher work-based learning requirement (such as 120 hours for a three credit hour course) than those with a hybrid or concurrent course. Still other internship courses allow for up to forty hours of work-based learning weekly, and a range of credit hours for which a student may sign up. EPC approves of each department’s approach. Because of all of these variables, please check the college catalog for the internship course description for your area of study, consult with your department chair and feel free to contact the Internship Office for more information.

What is the rate of compensation for a faculty advisor?
The rate of remuneration is based upon the number of students a faculty member advises; for two students or less, the rate is typically the same as an independent study. For more information, please ask your department chair.

Other questions?
Please contact us!