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A Note About School Closings

Scheduled Public School Closings
AACPS have a number of scheduled holidays that are different than those of AACC. Even though the county public schools will be closed to their students and teachers, the college will have access to the schools to conduct their regularly scheduled evening classes. The college has access to the public schools for evening classes on dates noted as scheduled for student early dismissal, teacher workday, or no school for students. 

Unscheduled Public School Closings
Local radio and television broadcasts will announce all college closing information including the status of day and evening classes. Occasionally, AACPS makes the decision to close public schools and the college remains open. This could be for inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Important: In the event that AACPS closes schools due to inclement weather or an emergency, all college classes at public school locations are cancelled for the evening, even though other college sites are open for classes.

AACC’s text messaging system Stay Informed!
Receive updates about the status of AACC evening classes in the public schools via e2campus, a service that sends instant messages to cell phones, wireless PDAs, and email addresses. Be among the first to know about college closings, event cancellations, traffic advisories and more. Sign up or log in to manage your account. Select AACC Off-site Locations to get specific messages about evening classes in our high school locations.