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Computer Training Re-Entry Professional

The Computer Training Re-Entry Professional Certification program is ideal for men and women who are re-entering the workforce or who want to advance to a higher position or change careers.
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What will I learn?
Students will assess their own strengths and weaknesses and discover what computer and technical skills are required to meet their needs.

What does the program include?
The training consists of five noncredit continuing education courses--four required, one elective and a capstone project. The capstone project requires students to create a marketable resume for an entry-level position, conduct a thorough job search, identify 10 jobs as a result of their search and complete 10 applications online. Three of the courses require textbooks that are available at the College Bookstore. Students are encouraged, but not required to take the courses in the same term. Successful completion requires a passing grade on the Capstone project, classroom assignments and 75% attendance.

What courses will I take? (Click on the course number for descriptions, schedule and prices.)

Required courses:
CTC-305 - Starting over for the Re-Entry Professional
CTC-306 - Computer Training for the Re-Entry Professional 
CTT-336 - Keeping Track of Files and Folders 
CTC-307 - Microsoft Excel for the Re-Entry Professional 

Choose one elective from the two below:
ONL-323 - Resume Writing Workshop (Online)
ONL-334 - 12 Steps to a Successful Job Search (Online) 

What award or credential will I earn?
Upon successful completion of all five courses, students earn a CEWD program certificate. Students intending to pursue the certificate will complete a form in class and submit it to their instructor.  The form and instructions can be found at

Are there any requirements I must meet prior to registration?
Students must be 16 years old or older.

What will it cost?
The total price for Anne Arundel County residents is approximately $605, plus textbooks. (Prices are subject to change.)

Do you offer other related courses?
Yes! AACC offers many related noncredit computer training courses as well as credit programs of study including degrees, credit certificates and letters of recognition. One program in particular the Business Support Specialist credit-cohort program consists of six credit courses (18 credits) and prepares students to become an administrative assistant. Upon successful completion students earn a credit certificate. For additional credit programs see the college catalog or visit a college adviser. For additional noncredit courses, see the noncredit schedule of courses or browse our Web pages For more noncredit career training options visit,

How do I enroll?
Students new to AACC may register online, by mail or fax or in-person.

For more information contact us today at or 410-777-1353.