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Introduction to Computers

Get started today with one of the following noncredit basic computer courses. 

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The following courses are offered throughout the year.  For upcoming course dates, times, locations and cost, click on the course numbers below.

Traditional/Face to Face Format 

CPT-362 - Computer Keyboarding 

CPT-363 - Computer Fundamentals

CTC 357 - Windows 7 Basic

CTC 358 - Windows 7 Advanced

CTR 368 - Windows 8 Level 1

CTR 369 - Windows 8 Level 2

CTR 356 - Make Informed Computer Buying Decisions 

Online Course Options

Click on the "Online Course Options" link above for course access instructions.

OLN-361 - Keyboarding ONLINE

OLT 398 - Introduction to Windows 7 ONLINE

OLT 306 - Introduction to Windows 8 ONLINE

OLN 399 - Introduction to Linux ONLINE

OLN 346 - Computer Skills for the Workplace ONLINE

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