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Looking for ways to increase efficiency in your organization's accounting and payroll?  These business software courses can help you develop more successful, organized and accurate book-keeping skills.

Accounting Principles Using Technology Continuing Education Certificate option - Successfully complete the required courses in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and QuickBooks and earn a continuing education certificate.  For more information about the accounting technology certificate, visit
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The following courses are offered throughout the year.  For upcoming course dates, times, locations and costs, click on the course numbers below.

Traditional/Face to Face Format

CTR 379 - QuickBooks and Accounting Basics

CTT 309 - QuickBooks:  Beyond the Basics

Online Course Options

Click on the "Online Course Options" link above for course access instructions.

OLA 300 - Introduction to QuickBooks 2011 ONLINE

OLA 324 - Introduction to QuickBooks 2012 ONLINE

OLA 329 - Intermediate QuickBooks 2012 ONLINE

OLT 301 - Introduction to QuickBooks 2013 ONLINE

OLT 304 - Intermediate QuickBooks 2013 ONLINE

OLA 362 - Introduction to QuickBooks 2014 ONLINE  

OLA 363 - Intermediate QuickBooks 2014 ONLINE 

OLA 301 - Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2011 ONLINE

OLA 316 - Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2012 ONLINE  

OLT 305 - Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2013 ONLINE 

OLA 315 - QuickBooks 2011 for Contractors ONLINE

OLA 317QuickBooks 2012 for Contractors ONLINE 

OLA 349 - QuickBooks 2013 for Contractors ONLINE  

OLA 310 - Introduction to Peachtree Accounting 2012 ONLINE

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