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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most advanced image editing application that can enhance, retouch, and manipulate photos and other images in every way you can imagine. These graphics and desktop publishing noncredit courses teach the essentials of Adobe Photoshop. To excel in these courses, you must have experience with Microsoft Windows or Macintosh operating systems, strong mouse and keyboard proficiency and a general understanding of graphic and desktop publishing terms and concepts. 

Earn a continuining education certificate in Web Design and learn to design Web sites for businesses, organizations or individuals using Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Acrobat.  For more information about the Web Design - Continuing Education Certificate, visit

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For upcoming course dates, times, location and cost, click on the course number or visit AACC’s course search. Select Noncredit for course type and Computer Technology (NC) as subject or enter the course number in the appropriate box.


Traditional/Face-to-Face Classes

CTT 338 - Adobe Photoshop Level 1

CTT 339 - Adobe Photoshop Level 2

CTC 328 - Photoshop: Web Graphic Design

Online Classes

OLI 388 - Introduction to Photoshop CS5   ONLINE 

OLA 328 - Intermediate Photoshop CS5 ONLINE

OLI 383 - Photoshop CS5: Digital Photography I ONLINE

OLI 384 - Photoshop CS5:Digital Photography II ONLINE

OLA 332 - Introduction to Photoshop CS6 ONLINE

OLA 333 - Intermediate Photoshop CS6 ONLINE

OLA 334 - Photoshop CS6 for the Digital Photographer ONLINE

OLA 342 - Photoshop CS6 for the Digital Photographer 2 ONLINE

OLI 383 - Photoshop CS5: Digital Photography I ONLINE

OLA 353 - Photoshop CC: Digital Photography ONLINE

OLA 321 - Photoshop Elements 10: Digital  Photography I   ONLINE

OLA-322 - Photoshop Elements 10:  Digital  Photography  II  ONLINE

OLA-343 - Photoshop Elements 11: Digital Photographer ONLINE

OLT 307 - Photoshop Elements 11: Digital Photographer 2 ONLINE

OLT 308 - Introduction to Lightroom 4 ONLINE

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