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Computer Classes for Senior Adults

AACC offers senior adult classes on the main campus in Arnold, at Glen Burnie Town Center as well as through county senior centers and other locations. These courses are for seniors age 55 and older and for disabled retirees so certified by the Social Security Administration.
Students aged 60 and older and disabled retirees pay only the $80 administration fee per three-month cycle, plus any supplies and/or lab fees associated with the classes. Those aged 55-59 must pay $40 tuition per course plus the $80 administration fee per cycle and any supplies and/or lab fees. Course cycles are January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December. Disabled retirees must complete a Disability Verification Form, which is available through the AACC business office and at most senior centers. Yearly verification is required.


For course descriptions, schedule and pricing, click on the course number below. (Note: not all courses are available each term.)

CPT-939 - Adobe Photosohp Elements

CPT-924 - Compact Discs and Graphics

CPT-945 - Computer Awareness 

CPT-950 - Computer Keyboarding

CPT-916 - Computer Security/ Home Computer

CPT-958 - E-Mail Basics

CPT-959 - Google Tools 

CPT-969 - Google Tools: Beyond the Basics

CPT-940 - Home Desktop Publishing 

CPT-941 - Home Computer Data Organization

CPT-904 - Introduction to the Internet

CPT-968 - Introduction to Social Media

CPT-961-  Mac Basics

CPT-946 - Microsoft Excel - Level 1

CPT-956 - Microsoft Office 2007 Basics

CPT-966 - Microsoft Office 2010 Basics  

CPT-921 - Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 

CPT-964 - Windows 7 Basic

CPT-948 - Microsoft Windows  - Level 1

CPT-949 - Microsoft Windows  - Level 2

CPT-943 - Microsoft Word - Level 1

CPT-944 - Microsoft Word - Level 2

CPT-960 - Microsoft Word - Level 3

CPT-971 - Microsoft Word 2010- Level 1

CPT-972 - Microsoft Word 2010- Level 2

CPT-951 - Paint Shop Pro

CPT-957 - PC Troubleshooting

CPT-973 - Microsoft Excel 2010-Level 1

CPT-974 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2010- Level 1

CPT-975 - iPad Basics

CPT-976 - Windows 8 Basics

CPT-978 - iPhone Basics

CPT-979 - Introduction to GIMP

For more information about our classes, e-mail us at or call 410-777-2142.