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Take your required classes in a new and innovative way!  

Fall 2014 Learning Communities

Learning Communities integrate two or more courses using a common theme. By connecting subjects through readings and assignments, understanding of the material is easier and learning is improved. Furthermore, you'll work with the same community of students in the linked classes, helping each other succeed and making friends along the way.

What is a Learning Community?

  • A set of two or more courses that focus on a common theme
  • The same students take all classes of the set in the same term
  • Instructors coordinate content and assignments related to the theme

How does it work?

  • Two or more courses are linked as co-requisites into a set or community using a theme.
  • When a student signs up for one of the courses within a set, a pop-up reminder window will be displayed to alert the student to also register for the co-requisite course.
  • Courses will remain separate on transcripts and thus will transfer as courses taken in a traditional format.
  • Students are encouraged to register early if they wish to participate in a Learning Community. 

What are the benefits of taking courses in this format?

  • Better connections with classmates
  • Increased interaction between faculty and students
  • Increased understanding of the connections between disciplines
  • Stronger connections between courses and learning
  • Greater course satisfaction
  • Potential for smaller classes
  • Courses offered at prime times
  • Increased satisfaction with the college experience