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"The clusters do exactly what they’re supposed to do – be intertwined” 
Joe Jackson, student

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Rites of Passage and Coming of Age: Exploring Childhood and Adolescence through Literature and Composition
This cluster is designed to enhance student understanding of child growth and development. The Education class covers the stages of development from birth to adolescence with an emphasis on the "Rites of Passage" and the "Coming of Age". The English class will incorporate these themes through writing assignments, discussion and critical analysis of short stories and poems.

ENG-111 section 019 Introduction to Composition and Literature Prof. Johnson TTH 9:30-10:45
EDU-133 section 001 Growth and Development Prof. Garrett TTH 11-12:15

Exploring Life's Ultimate Questions
"All men and women by nature yearn for knowledge," says Aristotle in the first sentence of his Metaphysics. In this cluster, we will cultivate this yearning for knowledge by exploring some of life's ultimate questions: What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? What is the good or virtuous life? What is justice? We will probe possible answers to these questions in the works of great thinkers and by participating in genuine discussion with our peers. For those of you who are driven by question, this class is for you. 

PHL 111 section 003 Introduction to Philosphy Prof. Murphy MWF 10-10:50
ENG 121 section 014 Composition and Literature    Prof. Ripka MWF 11-11:50

Communicating with Results: Talk Your Way to the Top
Do you enjoy watching "Undercover Boss" or Donald Trump's "The Apprentice"? Learn communication skills that influence people and give you the edge in today's competitive business environment. In just 15 weeks, develop your public speaking confidence and get the results you need using listening techniques and researching strategies. Join the Thematic Leaning Community: Communicating with results! 

COM 111 section 007 Fundamentals of Oral Communication  Prof. Eggleston TTH 9:30-10:45
BPA/ESI 162 section 004 Business Communication Prof. Madden TTH 11-12:15

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