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“Being enrolled in the 'Questioning Authority' cluster has been very helpful. My speech on persuasion is on the same topic as my persuasion paper due in English.”
John McKinney, student

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Who am I and Where am I Going
Who says learning how to study can be fun? We do! Join a fellow group of students for camaraderie, support, and fascinating discussion while earning 7 credits! Our learning community will focus on applying general psychological principles to life - MAINLY YOUR LIFE - as you uncover your passions, decide on career goals, and learn how to apply memorization and study strategies to become a stronger student! Perfect for students new to the college experience or those looking to brush up on their study skills in a unique learning environment!

PSY 100 section 001

Career Development and Assessment

Prof. Perez

TU 11-12:15

ACA 100 section 004

Student Sucess

Prof. Whitlock

TH 11-11:50

PSY 111 section 023 Introduction to Psychology Pref. Perez TTH 12:30-1:45

Scary Places, Shocking Dilemmas and Problem Children: A Creative Journey into Psychology, Composition and Literature 
Intimacy and fear, prosecution and persecution, the breaking of taboos - these are topics that have interested writers for years. Explore the natural connection between literature and psychology as you read and write about literary texts that tap into our deepest psychological motivations. Learn how the vocabulary of psychology can be applied not only to these literary texts, but also to your own lives.

PSY 111 section 020 Introduction to Psychology Prof. Tannenbaum TTH 11-12:15
ENG 112 section 880 Composition and Introduction to Literature 2  Prof. Paoletti ONLINE

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