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It was good being with the same group of students….it felt more personal” 
Claire Simmons, student

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Scary Places, Shocking Dilemmas and Problem Children: A Creative Journey into Psychology, Composition and Literature
Intimacy and fear, prosecution and persecution, the breaking of taboos - these are topics that have interested writers for years. Explore the natural connection between literature and psychology as you read and write about literary texts that tap into our deepest psychological motivations. Learn how the vocabulary of psychology can be applied not only to these literary texts, but also to your own lives.  Prerequisite: ENG 111 (Meets SOC SCI general education requirements.)

PSY 111  Introduction to Psychology MW 2-3:15PM
 section 024 Prof. Tannenbaum   
ENG 112 Composition and Introduction to Literature 2  MW 3:30-4:45PM
 section 035 Prof. Paoletti  

Just Us: Social Justice for a Just World
Is this the kind of society and world in which you want to live? In this cluster, you will investigate, discuss, and speak out about social justice issues you care about the most. Find out what activists are doing to address injustices in areas such as civil rights, criminal justice, the environment, foreign policy, immigration, labor unions, privacy rights, social class, women's rights, and more. Learn how to advocate for the principles you believe in and create a more just society. Learn how to let your voice be heard!  Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 111 or ENG 115 or EG 121 (Meets SOC SCI, ARTS & HUM general education requirements.)

SOC 111 Introduction to Socialogy  TuTh 12:30-1:45PM
 section 017 Prof. Terry-Smith  
COM-111 Fundamentals of Oral Communication   TuTh 2-3:15PM
 section 028 Prof. Copes  



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