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Learning Communities FAQs

Below are questions that students often ask regarding Learning Communities. If you don't see your question or if you need additional information, please contact Professor Amy Allen-Chabot at

1.  How do I register for a Learning Community?
Note the course number and section number of each component of the Learning Community that you are interested in. Register for the individual courses and you will be automatically enrolled in the Learning Community.

2.  May I take one of the community components without taking the other?
No. Courses of a Learning Community are meant to be taken together. 

3.  How will the courses of a Learning Community appear on my transcript?
The courses will be listed individually. Currently, there is no entry on the transcript noting that the courses were taken as a component of a Learning Community.

4.  Can I enroll in more than one Learning Community within the same semester?
Yes. As long as the time frame of the courses do not overlap.

5.  Are the same Learning Communities offered each semester?
No. Each semester the offerings will change. However, popular offerings are often repeated in future semesters.

6.  What if I need to withdraw from one of the courses, but wish to continue in the other. Is this possible?
Permission from both instructors is needed in order to withdraw from only one of the courses of a Learning Community.

7.  If I have already completed one of the courses in a Learning Community, may I still enroll?
Yes. However, you will be repeating the course already completed. When a course is repeated, the new grade will replace the existing grade. 

8.  I'm currently taking courses in a Learning Community environment and love it! Can I enroll in a new Learning Community offering next semester?
Yes, of course!