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Learning Communities - Student Information

 “Learning clusters provide life-based learning and opportunities for students to form bonds and explore current topics.” - Amy Marie Allen-Chabot, Associate Professor of Biology

Enrolling in clustered courses offers a unique opportunity to connect what you learn in one class to the material you learn in a totally different course. This is something that most students don't have the chance to experience until their junior or senior years of college. In addition, participating in a Learning Community is a great way to connect with fellow students who share a common interest with you.  


Below are just a few of the benefits to enrolling in a Learning Community:

  • Opportunity to make friends and form strong bonds with fellow students
  • Built-in support system
  • Increased interaction with the faculty
  • Increased understanding of the connections between disciplines
  • Courses offered at prime times

How does it work?

  • Two or more courses are linked as co-requisites into a set or community using a theme.
  • When a student signs up for one of the courses within a set, a pop-up reminder window will be displayed to alert the student to also register for the co-requisite course.
  • Courses will remain separate on transcripts and thus will transfer as courses taken in a traditional format.
  • Students are encouraged to register early if they wish to participate in a Learning Community. 

Registration for a Learning Community is easy! 

  • To enroll in a Learning Community, register using the course and section numbers of the component courses of the desired learning community. (See 2012 Learning Communities under related links.)
    • Students must register for each course in the set. A pop-up reminder window will appear when you register for one component.
    • Students must meet the eligibility requirements for all courses in the set.
    • Students are expected to participate in all courses of the set.
  • Students will be billed for the individual courses of the set.
  • Students are encouraged to register early.