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Below are a sample of some of the Learning Communities that have been offered at Anne Arundel Community College. Not all communities are offered every semester.

Women of Their Word: Exploring Women’s Voices through Writing and Oratory
Take a fascinating journey through works of literature and public speeches written and delivered by women. Read about, watch, and research notable women and women’s past and present issues. Learn to share your ideas as these women did–using the power of the written and the spoken word.
Courses: COM 111 and ENG 111.

Speaking of History: Connecting with History through Speech
Good speeches have both shaped and described U.S. history since the country's founding. Expand your knowledge of historical events and personalities from U.S. history while refining your public speaking skills, conducting research, and gaining confidence as a presenter.
Courses: HIS 211 and COM 111.

Born to Succeed: African and African-American Contributions in the Fields of Mathematics and Computer Technology
Learn about the contributions of Africans and African-Americans in the fields of mathematics and computer technology. Through the use of film/video, interactive research and hand-on activities, your knowledge of African and African-American contributions in mathematics and computer technology will be greatly expanded. Learn to think mathematically and technologically using culturally relevant examples and materials.
Courses: MAT 012 and CSI 113.

Questioning Authority: An Investigation of Societal Beliefs and Assumptions through the Study of Communications and Literature
Explore the roles and effects of authority. Critically examine basic assumptions made by our cultural institutions. Discuss and debate issues to support or question authority in both private and public spheres. Find your own voice through writing analytical well-documented essays and giving well-reasoned speeches. 
Courses: ENG 121 and COM 111.

Accounting and Statistics: Business with Heart
Learn and apply business skills and help your local community through a combination of an online statistics course and a face-to-face accounting course. Content will be enhanced through the  application of a civic engagement or service learning experience. Students will conduct demographic research, prepare a fact sheet, and apply the concepts of business entity, inventory control and accounting systems.
Courses: BPA 212 and COM 111.

Scary Places, Shocking Dilemmas and Problem Children: A Creative Journey into Psychology, Composition and Literature
Intimacy and fear, prosecution and persecution, the breaking of taboos—these are topics that have interested writers for years. Explore the natural connection between literature and psychology as you read and write about literary texts that tap into our deepest psychological motivations.
Courses: PSY 111 and ENG 112.

Human Sexuality: Facts and Fictions
Learn the facts about the psychology of human sexuality and analyze the fictional representation of sexuality in world literature and contemporary film. Explore the concepts of gender, desire, eroticism, love/intimacy/relationships, sexual difference, and deviancy. 
Courses:  ENG 112 and PSY 220.

Altered Landscapes: The Changing Environment through the Eyes of Scientists and Writers
As human population expands, our impact on the natural world increases. Understanding the intricate relationship between man and the natural environment is vital to balance resource use and conservation. Study contemporary and classic literature related to the human impacts on our environment and relate this information to knowledge gained through scientific exploration.
Courses: BIO 107 and ENG 121.

Readin’, Writin’, and Rappin’
Take a step into the world of rap and hip hop music to improve your reading and writing skills.  Study the culture, songs, and lives of rap and hip hop artists to further develop critical reading and basic writing skills that will help you succeed in other college course work as well as in daily life. 
Courses: ENG 002, RDG 023, and RDG 024.