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Mechatronic Equipment at AACC

At Anne Arundel Community College, we received a $600k grant to build a mechatronics program. We have a state of the art mechatronics lab filled with industrial quality equipment. Our plan is to provide a hands-on practical training in mechatronics. Our instructors are trained and experienced in using all this equipment and as a mechatronics student you will be spending a lot of hands-on time gaining experience in all these different types of machines. ( Mechanical, Electrical and Software PLCs)  Here is a short list of our equipment: 

  • 6 Mechanical systems trainers
  • 10 Vex Robotic Systems
  • 1 ABB 6 Axis Industrial Robot
  • 6 Festo Electro Pneumatics Systems
  • 1 Festo MPS205 Mechatronics System
  • A full electrical/electronics lab with scopes, multimeters and other measurement tools
  • 10 Allen Bradley PLC trainers & 6 Siemens PLC Trainers
  • 4 Labvolt Motor Control Trainers. 
  • 5 PLC Automated Car parking garages 
  • A Dimension UPrint 3D Printer.
  • Keyence Vision System
  • Universal Laser Cutter 
  • Circuit Board Engraver