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How Do I Sign Up?

There are a couple of steps involved in signing up for our Mechatronics program. If you have any questions during the process (It should be quick and easy) please call Kat Schorr 410-777-7219 email: 

Step 1: Come see what we have to offer

Come to an orientation meeting here at Anne Arundel Community College. We are having open house sessions in room 201 of the CALT building at our Arnold campus. The session will be held on Mondays at noon & Wednesdays at 4pm throughout the summer.

If you can not make it to one of these events, check out our online Information session video.  

Step 2: Create a student account

Apply online to create a student account.

Step 3: Take an entrance test 

Do not be intimidated by this exam. Our advice is to start by taking the practice test. Use the practice exam as a gauge to determine which areas you need to spend some time studying. It can be downloaded below. This practice exam should give you a good idea of what to expect. 

a) Take the AccuPlacer test at one of our testing centers. 

b) Testing Location & Hours PDF

c) Practice test PDF

Step 4: Determine if you can receive funding

Our Mechatronics program is eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance, Workforce Investment Act, PELL and other scholarship funds. First start by signing up for F.A.F.S.A. (Free Application For Student Aid) at This is the first step in determining whether or not financial aid is available to you. Aid could be in the form of tuition assistance, a student loan, or even a scholarship. Do not delay on filling out these forms. During an open house session we will offer more information on financial assistance programs.    

Step 5: Register

Contact Kat Schorr 410-777-7219 or email