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AACC mobile app home screen

Academic Resources

My Course Schedule

Am I able to sync my personal or MyAACC calendar with this schedule? Not at this time. The schedule only displays courses you are taking or have taken. 

Why is my Course Schedule taking so long to load?
If you’re accessing the app or certain modules of the app for the first time like the Course Schedule’s Daily View, it may take longer to load content.

My Grades

What does each grade letter mean?
A – Excellent 

B – Good
C – Average
D – Poor
F – Failure
FX – Failure due to lack of attendance
AU – Audit 
CO – Continue (Student must continue in the course)
I – Incomplete
NG – No grade report by instructor
PA – Pass 
W – Withdrew
WP – Withdrew Passing
WF – Withdrew Failing 
S – Satisfactory
U – Unsatisfactory
Y - Successful Completion
N - Unsuccessful Completion

Are my grades up to date?
Grades reflect what displays in the “Grade Reports” via the Self-Services tab in MyAACC.

My Notifications

What are My Notifications?
Notifications are holds placed on a student's account that may prevent the student from registering or doing other business with the college. Notifications display the title and description of the hold as well as the action needed from the student to resolve the issue. 

Campus Resources

Important Numbers

Why are there listings with varied font sizes when I’m viewing Important Numbers on my iPhone? This is due to a limited character length on the iPhone; the longer the title, the smaller the font size.


Why can’t I access directions to a location on campus from my phone?
Make sure your location services, GPS, or maps are enabled to access directions within the campus map.

Why can’t I get back to the app when I have selected to view directions?
When you view directions, you will be directed to open another app which takes you out of the AACC mobile app. To return to the AACC mobile app, select the app icon.


How do I read the full news article on my iPhone?
Click on the icon on the bottom right and select “open in Safari”.


Sign In

What username/password do I use to log into the AACC mobile app?
Use the same username/password you use to log into MyAACC. 

Why am I being asked to sign in when I already signed in?
You may have not have selected “stay signed in”. Select this option at the sign in screen and you should remain signed in as you move throughout the app.

Do I have to be signed in to view the app? 
You must be signed in to view “My Course Schedule”, “My Grades,” and “My Notifications”; otherwise, you are able to view the rest of the content without signing in.

What happens if I change my password using the Password Management Tool?
You will use this new password or any password set through the Password Management Tool to log into the AACC mobile app.

Need further assistance? 
Contact the Technical Call Center at 410-777-4357 or