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Making music can soothe and inspire. Take a beginner, intermediate or advanced level course in guitar, banjo or piano through AACC's office of Lifelong Learning. Adult learners can select private instruction customized to their skill levels, or enroll in group instruction classes with seasoned instructors. Learn music basics, including how to read notes, chords, scales, or how to write music. Aspiring singers can enroll in a voice course for solo or choral practice. Occasional music appreciation lecture programs address music and composers from various historic periods and may offer an opportunity to attend a concert or performance.


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MUC 311 - Community Concert Band
Learn and perform jazz stage band music. Open to all qualified community musicians. Audition may be required. Programs are prepared by the college for public performance.

MUC 310 - Community Orchestra
Perform orchestral works from the baroque to contemporary eras.Open to all qualified community players. Audition may be required. Programs are prepared by the college for public performance.
  NOTE: Performance dates to be announced in class. For details, contact Associate Professor Anna Binneweg 410-777-7218.

MUC 312 - Community Concert Choir
Perform music from the Renaissance through contemporary periods. Open to all qualivied singers. Audition may be required. Choral programs are prepared by college for a public performance.


MUS 314 - Guitar: One-on-One
Receive 30-minute private guitar lessons customized to fit your level of ability. Advance at your own pace.

MUC 313 - Basic Guitar: Group Instruction
Learn basic guitar skills in group instruction format: reading music, playing scales and chords. Learn some of your favorite music, guitar maintenance and instrument quality.
      NOTE: Student must bring a six-string guitar to class.

MUC 320 - Guitar: 1 Hour/Private Instruction
One-hour sessions with a private instructor are offered for advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Improve guitar skills and technique.


MUC 316 - Piano for Me: Six Sessions
Receive six private half-hour piano lessons for adult learners at any level at any level of instruction, from beginner to advanced. Instructor sets achievable goals and selects music for your ability level. 

MUC 318 - Piano: Hourly One-on-One
Advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced students work privately with an instructor to impove piano skills and technique in four, hourlong sessions.

MUC 315 - Private Piano Instruction
Receive 30 minute private piano lessons customized to fit your level of ability. Build confidence and advance at your own pace.


MUC 319 - Sing Out Loud NEW
Discover the joy of singing, solo or in group, using classical, standard and popular vocal arrangements. Practice the basics of breathing, tone and diction in an environment supportive of beginning, intermediate and advanced singers. 

MUC 323 - Individual Voice Lessons NEW
Receive private instruction according to your musical knowledge and experience. Learn music terminology and elements of singing including breath, diction, rhythm, reading, vocl exercises, musicianship and presentation. No prior voice experience necessary.  All levels welcome.

MUC 305 - Music, Power and Gender Credit/Noncredit
Considers ranging from ancient and medieval music to modern rock and alternative music, from Western music to the music of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America as a contested terrain in terms of gender, identity and power. Course uses the perspectives of gender studies and ethnomusicology as well as conventional music scholarship to examine women's contributions to world music, Western classical music, and popular American music.
       Note: Also offered as MUS 169; credit will not be given for both GSS 169 and MUS 169. Credit
       course listed as GSS 169.


MUC 317 - Music Made Easy:  NEW
Learn what makes music work. Gain an understanding of rhythm, melody and harmony. Discover how to build intervals, major scales and chords. Learn how to read, write and play simple musical pieces on a keyboard. 
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